PARI Turbo Boy Year Pack S

PARI Turbo Boy Year Pack S

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Supplier Part: 023G1011

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consisting of: Filter for PARI BOY® compressors (type 038 and higher), PARI LC SPRINT® Nebuliser (blue insert), universal mouthpiece and connection tubing (1.2m)

Like all plastic parts, PARI nebulisers are susceptible to a certain degree of wear when they are used and cleaned frequently. Over time, this can cause a change in the aerosol spectrum, for example, and impair therapeutic efficiency.

In order to ensure that your inhalation therapy remains effective for the long term, the compressor pressure should be checked regularly, and certain parts of the inhalation device should be replaced every year. Your PARI dealer will be glad to check the compressor pressure at the shop for you. To make the annual replacements easier, we offer the PARI Year Packs. These handy sets include everything to ensure that your inhalation device will continue to give peak performance for another full year: a nebuliser, connection tubing, and air filters.

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