SpeediCath Female CH10

SpeediCath Female CH10

Code: 20688510

Supplier Part: 285100

Unit: Bx 30

Bulk Unit: 10 per Case

SpeediCath belongs to the new generation of hydrophilic-coated catheters. The unique feature of SpeediCath catheter is its coating. Smooth and even, this coating minimises friction when inserting and removing the catheter. This makes catheterisation more comfortable and reduces the risk of urethral micro-trauma – even if you have to self-catheterise for a lifetime.

Other features that help to ensure easy, safe and hygienic catheterisation are:

  • pre-hydrated catheters that are ready-to-use right out of the pack
  • polished eyelets that are gentle on the urethra minimising discomfort and the risk of micro-trauma
  • ring pull opening feature which allows the package to be opened with one finger
  • PVC and phthalates free
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