BSN Actimove Sling Collar & Cuff Support

BSN Actimove Sling Collar & Cuff Support

Code: 29931653

Supplier Part: 72859-18

Unit: Bx 2


Actimove® Sling Comfort is the superior comfort arm sling for a stable and supported forearm. It comes in the space-friendly two-roll dispenser box and features a useful on pack measuring system, which facilitates a quick application for an individual, easily adjustable and universal patient fit.

  • Provides arm slings for all patients and keep inventory low by choosing the dispenser box.
  • The one-Fits-All sling allows for individual length and adjustment and various application styles in one product.
  • Help to prevent patients from experiencing neck pressure thanks to the broad 5.5cm wide sling.
  • The padded strap and Y-tab closure system provide effective vertical support to the collarbone and upper limb area.
  • Y-tab hook system facilitates secure clinical positioning.


  • 2 rolls x 12m in a Dispenser Box.
  • 28 Y-tabs are included in each box.

Suitable for:

  • Fracture management (e.g. clavicle, scapular, humeral, and greater tuberosity fractures).
  • Support while wearing a cast or splint.
  • Joint dislocations (e.g. acromioclavicular & sternoclavicular dislocations, shoulder luxation).
  • Temporary arm stabilisation in emergency/paramedic care.


  •  Machine washable at 40°C
  • Radiolucent
  • Metal-free
  • Latex-free


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