Tork Napkins Xpressnap White

Tork Napkins Xpressnap White

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Tork Xpressnap White Napkin
Advanced quality level
1 ply- N4 system- 500 napkins per pack/ 12 packs per carton

White Colour
Size: 21.6cm x 33cm
FSC Certified


Use Less. Stand out.  Better dispensing.

25% reduction in napkin usage guaranteed*

-        Customers take only the napkin they need thanks to one at a time dispensing

-        Save time and reduce labour with high capacity, easy to load dispensers

-        Great communication tool with AD-a-Glance interchangeable advertising panels in the N4 dispensers

*When compared to traditional napkin dispensers and single ply dispenser napkins. 


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