Deb Cutan Alcohol Foam Sanitiser 400ml

Deb Cutan Alcohol Foam Sanitiser 400ml

Code: 32520002

Supplier Part: CAF400ML

Unit: Each

Bulk Unit: 12 per Case


Please be aware due to significant high demand for this product there may be limited availability.

EBOS Healthcare is currently working with manufacturers on availability and future supply.

DEB Cutan Foam Sanitiser is a unique, worldwide patented*, high efficacy foaming alcohol sanitiser that works instantly to kill bacteria present on skin.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Pleasant To Use - Rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in between hand washing to encourage maximum compliance
  • Instant Action - Starts working immediately to rapidly kill bacteria, yeast and moulds
  • Economical In Use - Spreads easily across the skin for maximum efficiency
  • Unique Foam Format - Quickly and easily rubs across the hand with no drips or splashes
  • Fast Drying - Dries quickly with no need for rinsing or drying with towels
  • Non-Tainting - Proven non-tainting formula
  • Conditions Skin - Contains conditioner to help prevent skin dryness and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth for an excellent after feel
  • Glove Compatible - Can be used prior to applying gloves
  • Dermatologically Tested - Formula has been tested to prove it is non-irritant
  • No Gelling Agents - Leaves no sticky after feel; does not clog dispensers; leaves no mess
  • High Efficacy Formula - Independently tested to the highest European standards, proven to kill 99.999& (log 5 reduction) of food poisoning bacteria, moulds and yeasts

USAGE: Use frequently or when needed. Designed to complement the Cutan skin hygiene system

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