3M Avagard Antiseptic Hand Rub

3M Avagard Antiseptic Hand Rub

Code: 22139222

Supplier Part: 9222

Unit: Each

Bulk Unit: 12 per Ctn

3M Avagard Antiseptic Hand Rub

  • For Healthcare Professionals Only.  61% w/w Ethanol Absolute.  Indication:  HCP Antiseptic hand rub.  TT50-9568/1.
  • A convenient alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) formulated for rapid skin disinfection while maintaining skin integrity and moisture.
  • Contains moisturisers to maintain skin integrity.
  • Fragrance, dye and preservative free.


  • Brand: Avaguard
  • Product Type: Hand Sanitiser
  • UOM:Each
  • Size: 500mL

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