Halyard Integuseal Microbial Sealant LS100

Halyard Integuseal Microbial Sealant LS100

Code: 23626006

Supplier Part: 33736

Unit: Pk 10

Bulk Unit: 2 per Case

This product has been discontinued. It will still be purchasable while stocks last but will not be restocked after this point.

  • Locks down bacteria residing deep in the skin and those surviving typical pre-op prepping
  • Breathable properties permit normal skin transpiration
  • Safe, time-tested cyanoacrylate technology
  • Seals and immobilizes dangerous pathogens, including MRSA
  • Helps protect against skin flora migration into surgical incisions
  • One stroke delivers effective amounts of sealant
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use applicato
  • Fast-drying liquid bonds to the skin
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