Halyard Three Quarter Drape Sterile - Ctn/20

Halyard Three Quarter Drape Sterile - Ctn/20

Code: 35935160

Supplier Part: 89141

Unit: Ct 20

This product has been discontinued. It will still be purchasable while stocks last but will not be restocked after this point.

For the full range of orthopedic procedures, we've got you covered. Kimberly-Clark* Orthopedic drapes offer a minimum combination of features to meet the rigorous demands of orthopedic surgery, from hand procedures to hip replacements. Kimberly-Clark* drapes are design to give you and your patients one less worry with maximum rating for flame resistance, fabric resistant to tearing, strikethrough and abrasion, provides secure attachment of line and tubes and much lower lint than other drapes, to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.


  • Maximum rating for flame resistance for use around lasers and other electrical instruments 
  • Fabric that’s resistant to tearing, strikethrough, and abrasion, while providing secure attachment for line and tubes 
  • Resistance to strikethrough from alcohol and other prep solutions 
  • Lower lint than other drapes to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission 
  • A choice of fabric reinforcements, designed either to reduce instrument slippage or control fluid run-off 


  • Size: 152 x193cm 
  • CONTROL* Plus Fabric Reinforcement: Yes 
  • Procedures: Universal, ancillary 
  • Procedure Type: General 
  • Surgical Specialty: General / universal 
  • Fabric/Weight: SMS/standard 
  • Item Packaging: Individually wrapped 
  • UOM: Ctn/20
  • Image is sample of product  
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