SAM Splint

SAM Splint

Code: 22511022

Supplier Part: FW-1121

Unit: Each

The SAM splint is a compact, lightweight, highly versatile device designed for immobilizing bone and soft tissue injuries in emergency settings. It consists of a layer of .016 inches strips of soft aluminium, with a polyethylene closed-cell foam coating.

The foam padded aluminium SAM splint is based on an ancient construction principle; curves are strong. It can be moulded to splint almost any bone in the body, can even be used as a cervical collar in emergency situations.

Waterproof, reusable and invisible to X-rays, SAM splint may be folded to fit into almost any emergency pack. Instructions with diagrams are included.


Folded: 10.8cmW x 22.85cmL

Extended: 91.45cmL

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