Prontosan Debridement Pad

Prontosan Debridement Pad

Code: 21155123

Supplier Part: 3908456

Unit: bx3

Bulk Unit: 3 per pkt

Soft mechanical removal of slough and debris

Designed for soft mechanical debridement of slough and debris. The Prontosan® Debridement Pad removes and binds slough and debris and assists with effective wound bed preparation –

New granulation tissue is left intact.

Good cleansing and debridement due to microfiber technology

  • Soft debridement, no tissue irritation
  • Unique droplet shape to allow debridement of shallow cavities and areas difficult to reach
  • Blister packaging to allow safe and aseptic soaking of the pad prior to use
  • Produces good results even with scaly and necrotic coatings.

Micro Technology, Maximum Cleaning

The Prontosan® Debridement Pad uses the latest technology in cleansing – microfibres. Microfibres are very small and utilise ‘electrostatic forces’ to attract even the smallest particles to them.

Each microfiber has a multiple strand structure, allowing for many more particles of slough and debris to be removed from the wound bed and bound to each microfiber within the pad; not just brushed away with traditional, much larger, monofilament fibres.

There are millions of microfibers in each Prontosan® Debridement Pad for magnified debridement power.

While necrotic tissue and slough can be optimally removed by Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution, it is also necessary to remove heavy encrustations

by keeping the wound moist for a longer period of time. This can be achieved by simply applying Prontosan® Wound Gel X with a secondary dressing.

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