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Gloup® is a slippery gel that is intented to make solid medicinces, such as tablets and capsules, easier to swallow.

Gloup® is available in four flavours and two levels of thickness.

Why should you use Gloup?

  • Gloup® is a slippery gel that makes tablets and capsules easier to swallow and may negate the need to crush tablets.
  • Gloup® has no known drug interations,
  • Gloup® is designed to break down immediately once in the stomach, therefore having minimal or no impact on absorption.
  • Better medication compliance 3.



Which Gloup is right for your patient?

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Key Features of Gloup®

  • Suitable from the age of 2+.
  • 60 day shelf life once opened; 2 - year shelf-life unopened.
  • Can be stored at room temperature or refridgerated.
  • Free from gluten, gelatine and lactose.
  • Low-sugar option available (raspberry only).
  • Consists of 100% natural ingredients, all with 'food grade' status.
  • Can be used with whole or crushed medications (follow HCP advice for crushed medications).


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Gloup Products

Gloup Orange Original 500ml Pump

Gloup Strawberry Banana 500ml Pump

Gloup Vanilla Forte 500ml Pump

Gloup Raspberry Low Sugar 500ml Pump


GLOUP Medication Lubricant Brochure download here




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Frequently Asked Questions


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.  Please consult a healthcare professional in the case of moderate-severe dysphagia.

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®GLOUP is a registered trademark. Distributed by Mundipharma Pty Limited. FD19203 ORBIS-AU-5493. Jan 20.