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Fragile skin in best hands

At Leukoplast®, we believe that wound care should be tailored to the patient's needs.   Our Leukoplast® skin sensitive products offer the right solution for patients with fragile and compromised skin;

  • Older patients, an ever-growing group who frequently suffer from fragile skin,
  • Patients whose skin is compromised as a result of disease, medication or long-term treatment,
  • Infants whose skin is not yet fully developed and is therefore extra sensitive.

 Leukoplast® Skin Sensitive Fixation Tape

For secure fixation of wound dressings or secondary fixation of medical devices.

  • Easy to tear by hand without need of scissors.
  • Antimicrobial spool and snap-ring for a reduced risk of cross-contamination: greater than 99.9% MRSA reduction within 6 hours.
  • Fast and easy application.

Leukoplast Skin Sensitive Fixation Tape

Leukoplast Skin Sensitive Fixation Tape 1.25x2.6m

Leukoplast Skin Sensitive Fixation Tape 2.5 X2.6m

Leukoplast® Hypafix® skin sensitive

For fixation of larger wound dressings

  • Can be easily adjusted to the size needed
  • Especially suitable for moving body parts
  • Distinctive design for an easy product recognition

Leukoplast® Hypafix® skin sensitive

Hypafix Skin Sensitive 5cm X 5m

Hypafix Skin Sensitive 10cm X 5m

Leukoplast Hypafix - Wide Area Dressing Fixation

When secure dressings are required, wide-area fixation now has an established place alongside surgical tapes and fixation bandages.  Wide-area fixation with Hypafix ideally combines the advantages of the conventional systems because:

  • secure and rapid fixation is possible on nearly all, even frequently moving and highly contoured parts of the body;
  • the entire wound dressing is protected against contamination;
  • cutting to size eliminates unnecessary wastage;
  • the backing material is soft and pliable;
  • the adhesive is skin-friendly and adheres reliably;
  • wide-area fixation can be easily and rapidly applied.


Leukoplast Hypafix Wound Dressings

BSN Hypafix Retention Tape 2.5cm x 10m

BSN Hypafix Retention Tape 5cm x 10m

BSN Hypafix Retention Tape 10cm x 10m

BSN Hypafix Retention Tape 15cm x 10m

Hypafix® Transparent

The skin-friendly, highly breathable wide-area fixation film is designed to protect reliably against water, bacteria and contaminants.

  • Permeable to water vapour and lets the skin breathe;
  • skin friendly,
  • very good initial and permanent adhesion,
  • stretchable, durable and high wearing comfort.
  • barrier against bacteria, viruses and contaminants,
  • prevents skin maceration and tension blisters.

Hypafix Transparent

BSN Hypafix Transparent 5cmx10m

BSN Hypafix Transaparent 10cmx10m