ALLEVYN Dressings were designed with the human body in mind. They provide the versatility needed to manage a variety of wound types, sizes and severity. From chronic, high-exuding wounds, to fragile skin tears and prevention for pressure ulcers, you are certain to find an ALLEVYN Foam Dressing for every patient need.

Since introducing ALLEVYN, we've innovated and enhanced with silicone adhesives, shapes and silvers. ALLEVYN Life, with its unique quadrilobe shape conforms to the natural folds and contours of the human body.

Every one of those improvements started from the same place – a deep understanding of human tissue and what it means to live with a wound.

At Smith and Nephew we find that good things happen when you put people first: improved wellbeing, greater concordance and all the system efficiencies that derive from that.

ALLEVYN Life Dressings

ALLEVYN Life dressing is a multi-layered design incorporating hydrocellular foam, hyper-absorber lock away core and masking layer which has been designed for people and their everyday life through:

ALLEVYN Life Dressings

  • Unique quadrilobe shape with a wide border designed to fit the contours of the human body more securely and allows patients to shower.
  • The protective masking layer minimises the visual impact of strikethrough, providing the patient with confidence that their dressing may not attract the negative attention of others.
  • Excellent fluid locking under pressure.
  • ALLEVYN Life’s multi-layered design provides cushioning and helps to spread pressure.
  • Silicone wound contact layer offers minimal pain and discomfort on removal while allowing the dressing to be repositioned.
  • Change indicator optimises dressing change frequency and minimises wastage.

ALLEVYN Life Dressings

S&N Allevyn Life Small 10.3cm - Pk/10

S&N Allevyn Life Medium 12.9cm - Pk/10

S&N Allevyn Life Large 15.4cm - Pk/10

S&N Allevyn Life Extra Large 21cm - Pk/10

ALLEVYN Life Heel Dressing

ALLEVYN Life Heel has a unique design and is the only heel dressing to provide coverage to the malleolus without the need for secondary retention.

ALLEVYN Life Heel Dressing

S&N Allevyn Life Heel - Pk/5

ALLEVYN Life Sacrum Dressings

ALLEVYN Life Sacrum has a unique tail designed specifically for wounds in the sacral area and fits around the cleft, to help overcome common problems such as the dressing tenting. The dressing has been designed following observational ethnographic research with patients and clinicians who have experience of sacral wounds.

ALLEVYN Life Sacrum Dressings

S&N Allevyn Life Sacrum Large - Pk/10

S&N Allevyn Life Sacrum Small - Pk/10

ALLEVYN LIFE Non-Bordered Dressings

ALLEVYN* LIFE Non-Bordered is a five-layer composite hydrocellular foam dressing with a hyper-absorbent lock-away core.

  • Five-layer design is ideal for pressure ulcer prevention, as well as exudate management
  • Redistributes pressure more evenly than traditional foam dressings
  • Helps prevent bacterial contamination
  • Highly conformable with soft, low-tack silicone contact layer that aids application
  • Masking layer helps shield the visibility of exudate
  • Can be used under compression therapy
  • Can be used with various secondary retention to dress a variety of wounds

ALLEVYN LIFE Non-Bordered Dressings

S&N Allevyn Life No-Border 10.5cm - Bx/10

S&N Allevyn Life No-Border 16cmx16cm - Bx/10

S&N Allevyn Life No-Border 10cm x 20cm - Bx/10

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ALLEVYN Brochure

ALLEVYN Life Dressing Application Technique

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