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An essential factor in wound healing is the management of microbial flora; in the form of infection treatment and prevention.

Cutimed® Sorbact® utilises the safe and effective Sorbact® technology that binds bacteria with a purely physical mode of action. Sorbact® Technology removes bacteria without releasing possibly harmful endotoxins.

Sorbact® engineered dressings actively remove bacteria and bind them to the surface of the dressing, to reduce bioburden on the wound and promote healing. 

The dynamic nature of Sorbact Technology allows these dressings to provide a range of functions. 

       Sorbact® safely removes bacteria with no antimicrobial resistance




The hydrophobic properties of Sorbact® dressings cause bacteria and endotoxins to bind to the dressing's surface, keeping the wound clean. 


Once bacteria binds to the dressing, its growth becomes inhibited, thus preventing endotoxins from being released into the wound. 


Removal of Sorbact® dressings, also removes bacteria from the site of the wound to reduce bioburden and promote natural healing. 


Sorbact® products are indicated for post-operative and traumatic wounds with low to moderate exudate levels. 




Key Features and Benefits


Cutimed Sorbact Compress (Wound Contact Layer)

Designed for both superficial and deep wounds, Cutimed Sorbact Swabs also irreversibly bind and inactivate bacteria when used with an appropriate secondary dressing.

Sorbact Foam Dressings

This dressing absorbs and retains exudate from low to moderately exuding wounds 

Cutimed Sorbact Gel

Imbedded with a preservative free hydro-gel, Cutimed Sorbact Gel binds and inhibits bacterial growth and may assist with the removal of non-viable tissue from the wound

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Sorbact Swab Compress 4x6cm

Sorbact Swab Compress 4x6cm

Sorbact Swab Compress 7x9cm

Sorbact Swab Compress 7x9cm

Sorbact Foam 10x10cm

Sorbact Foam 10x10cm

Sorbact Gel Dressing 7.5x7.5cm

Sorbact Gel Dressing 7.5x7.5cm

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