V-Set V3-3V R

V-Set V3-3V R

Code: 10001452

Old Code: 37390006

Supplier Part: V3-3V RQ

Unit: BOX 50

The old code for this product is: 37390006

V-Set V3-3V R

Designed to ensure accurate delivery of medications, maximising patients’ safety

  • No dead-space - reducing the risk of inadvertent bolus
  • Three totally separate lines - no risk of drug interaction, safe for multiple infusions
  • Non-kink and large bore tubing - ideal for large volume rapid infusion
  • Polyethylene lining - prevents drug absorption
  • Non-kink and large bore gravity line allowing fast infusion - 1.88mm gauge
  • Smaller lines for infusion or low flow medications - 0.61mm gauge
  • Each line is dedicated from entry to exit
  • No drug pooling or mixing
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