LMA Unique Laryngeal Mask Size 1 (neotates/infants up to 5kg)

LMA Unique Laryngeal Mask Size 1 (neotates/infants up to 5kg)

Code: 10003086

Old Code: 27729010

Supplier Part: ULMA1/LM125010

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 27729010

The LMA Unique™ is one of the most versatile airways. It is the single-use disposable version of our most widely used product, the LMA Classic™ which annually is used in millions of surgical cases nationwide. What makes the LMA Unique™ so versatile is its usefulness in a wide variety of clinical environments. It can be used in the Operating Room, placed on crash carts, used in the Emergency Department and in the pre-hospital on ambulances and other emergency vehicles as a resuscitation device when intubation is not possible. Because it is disposable, it is also one of the most convenient LMA™ airways, especially well suited for areas where stocking a reusable device is not practical or economical. The LMA Unique™ is packaged sterile, ready for use, with lubricant and a syringe.

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