PARI Pep S-System

PARI Pep S-System

Code: 10004201

Old Code: 22143078

Supplier Part: 018G4000

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 22143078

Timesaving combination of physical and inhaltion therapie

combination of PEP and inhalation therapy with Nose Clip, Mouthpiece and inspiratory valve, without manometer, can be combined with Nebulisers of the PARI LC SPRINT® Family, PARI LC PLUS® Family und PARI LL Nebuliser

  • Mobilises secretions and thus facilitates clearing of the lungs
  • Stabilises the respiratory tract by adjustable expiration resistance: counteracts bronchial collapse
  • Pressure display for setting expiration resistance and for monitoring during PEP treatment PARI PEP System II)
  • Can also be used without the Nebuliser in physiotherapy

Great hygiene benefit - the PARI PEP Systems can be:

  • washed in a dishwasher
  • disinfected by boiling
  • chemically disinfected
  • autoclaved  


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