BD PosiFlush XS Saline 10ml

BD PosiFlush XS Saline 10ml

Code: 10004342

Old Code: 21122008

Supplier Part: 306572

Unit: BOX 30

The old code for this product is: 21122008

The BD PosiFlush XS 10ml pre-filled saline syringe eliminates syringe induced blood reflux, therefore extending the life of the cannula. All BD PosiFlush syringes have a consistent 10ml diameter to prevent damage occurring to the cannula and to ensure they comply with PICC manufacturer recommendations.

The 10ml PosiFlush XS pre-filled syringe has standardised labelling which contains all medication preparation information which is required, thus reducing the risk of any medication errors. The 10ml PosiFlush XS syringe is designed to stop solution from entering a non-sterile area of the syringe, eliminating any contamination risk to patients. The pre-filled nature of BD PosiFlush syringes saves time and leads to greater standardisation.
  • Externally sterile for wearing sterile gloves during a procedure, working within a sterile field or treating a severely immunosuppressed patient
  • 10ml syringe
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