OptiLube Active 11ml Syringe Bx10

OptiLube Active 11ml Syringe Bx10

Code: 10021616

Supplier Part: 1161

Unit: PAC 10

OptiLube Active 11ml Syringe Bx10

OptiLube Active brings the added benefits of a local anaesthetic (Lidocaine 2%) and antiseptic (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.05%).

OptiLube Active is part of OMS catheterisation jelly range, a range of sterile, lubricating pre-filled syringes, developed specifically for use during urethral catheterisation.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in 11ml volume.
  • Each syringe is individually wrapped in a rupture resistant blister pack.
  • Syringe falls easily from its protective blister packaging, supporting an Aseptic Non-Touch Technique.
  • Manufacturing, expiry dates, and LOT numbers, on each syringes tear off strip are easy to retain for accurate recording.
  • Provided in a familiar and recommended syringe format.
  • Easy-to-prime syringe for precise and controlled application of sterile lubrication.
  • Rounded tip for comfort when inserting into the urethra.
  • Latex-free.
  • Note Product similar to picture shown above.
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