Tena Stretch Bariatric 3XL

Tena Stretch Bariatric 3XL

Code: 10004026

Old Code: 23107270

Supplier Part: 61391

Unit: PAC 8

The old code for this product is: 23107270

Tena Stretch Bariatric 3XL


TENA Stretch Bariatric Briefs 3XL

The TENA Stretch Bariatric Briefs 3XL are fully breathable and have stretch sides for skin health and wearer comfort.  This bariatric diaper comes up higher on the back to limit leakages when wearer is laying down.  Other features include:

  • Easy-to-use wide hook fasteners along the length of the side panel deliver unlimited and secure fastening.
  • The wide hooks prevent unwanted unfastening of the stretch brief
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