Tena Flex Maxi Small

Tena Flex Maxi Small

Code: 10003993

Old Code: 23107228

Supplier Part: 730453/725122

Unit: PAC 22

The old code for this product is: 23107228

Suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence
*Double-waist elastics give a snug, body-close fit
*Wetness indicator enables less user disturbance
*Breathable backsheet enahnces comfort, dignity and skin integrity
*Colour-coded for correct product selection
*Velcro-like fasteners allow the belt to be fastened many times and offer
less strenuous working positions for carers
*Body-shaped core, standing gathers and curved leg elastics prevent
leakage and improve both security and comfort
*Now with FeelDry offering rapid absorption and excellent
retention for improved dryness

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