Tena Fix Pants XX-Large (orange)

Tena Fix Pants XX-Large (orange)

Code: 10004015

Old Code: 23107255

Supplier Part: 754032

Unit: PAC 25

The old code for this product is: 23107255

TENA Fix are underwear-like fixation pants designed to be worn with the TENA Comfort pad. Composed of 96% polyester with no side seams they are truly comfortable and offer a secure fit. TENA Fix pants are washable up to 50 times in 60?C water and can be tumble dried, making caring practices quicker and easier.


Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting: up to 50 washes in 60ºC temperature water
  • Durable: can be tumble dried to save time hand drying
  • No side seams for greater comfort and less skin chafing and irritation
  • 96% polyester to resemble regular underwear
  • Good fixation for a stable fit with the TENA Comfort pad, leading to less leakages with pad movement
  •  Features a space on the waistband to write the name or room number of the wearer, supporting individualised care.
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