Conveen Security+ Urine Bag 1500ml Sterile

Conveen Security+ Urine Bag 1500ml Sterile

Code: 10004860

Old Code: 20681563

Supplier Part: 9155/5063

Unit: BOX 10

The old code for this product is: 20681563

The Conveen Standard urine bag may be used alone for either daytime or night-time drainage, or it may be hooked up to another urine bag to form a large-capacity collection system for safe night-time drainage. When worn as a leg bag, the soft non-woven backing material allows the skin to breathe making it comfortable and almost noiseless in use. Available with 1500ml capacity.

  • Discreet clamp outlet
  • 1500 ml volume
  • Use for daytime or night-time drainage
  • Soft backing
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