Simpla S4 Urine Drainage Bag 100cm Sterile 2ltr

Simpla S4 Urine Drainage Bag 100cm Sterile 2ltr

Code: 10004823

Old Code: 20681141

Supplier Part: 15083A/340802

Unit: BOX 10

The old code for this product is: 20681141

The Simpla S4 2-Litre Urine Drainage Bag is the market leading drainable, sterile, urine drainage bag with slide action outlet tap. For direct connection to a catheter/sheath or a leg bag.
These bags are suitable for night time use for the collection of urine. They are generally used in conjunction with a bag hanger, which is a nursing aid and therefore not available on FP10. Supply arrangements for bag hangers tend to vary throughout the country but they are normally supplied through the community nursing service.

The drainage bags have an in-use life of approximately 5–7 days.

  • Sterile
  • Wide Bore Tubing in two sizes
  • Ridged Inlet Connector allowing secure connection
  • Protected sample port
  • No Latex content
  • Slide action tap
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