Disposable V-Curette 10mm (green)

Disposable V-Curette 10mm (green)

Code: 10001456

Old Code: 37520135

Supplier Part: (1401)24100

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 37520135

The V-Curette and the 1.5 metre plastic tubing with tube connector are sterilized by electron beam radiation.

The V-Crurette is available in two sizes
Blue handle 8mm outside diameter
Green handle 10mm outside diameter

The V-Curette made of transparent plastic (cyrolite) can be rotated to a desired position by means of the knobs in front of the handle.  With the proper technique it is very often possible to use the 8mm curette up to twelve weeks of pregnancy, thus elimanating unneccessary dilation and minimizing the blood loss.

Due to the design of the suction slot, the operator can feel the surface of the uterine cavity so well that there is no need of other instruments to make sure that the cavity has been completely emptied.

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