Gynaecology Treatment Couch Navy Blue

Gynaecology Treatment Couch Navy Blue

Code: 10000161

Old Code: 28960014

Supplier Part: GCNB

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 28960014

Gynaecology Treatment Couch Navy Blue


  • Electric Hi Lo operation by foot switch
  • Electric seat tilt operation by foot switch
  • Sleek design with rounded frame legs for safety
  • Footpads & stirrups both included
  • Debris tray
  • Side rails
  • Fill section allowing general use
  • Face hole and plug
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • 7.5cm retractable castors for safety and mobility
  • Reliable TiMotion motor
  • Comfortable foam padding


Total Length: 185cm
Width: 60cm
Backrest length: 91cm
Mid section length: 46.5cm
Leg section length: 42.5cm
Adjustable backrest through dual gas operated struts to +65 degrees
Adjustable motorised seat angle from 0 to +20 degrees
Height range from 64cm to 106cm in approx 30 seconds
Padding thickness 5cm
Foam Density: 36kg/m3
Upholstery: Heavy duty PVC vinyl that is fire, stain, mildew, oil, water and wear resistant

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