Vernacare Compact Plus Macerator

Vernacare Compact Plus Macerator

Code: 11000182

Old Code: 22441086

Supplier Part: 2060ZA001

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 22441086

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Vernacare’s most intelligent and energy-efficient macerator to date.

  • Smart FlowTM – unique closed-drum system ensures contents are broken down prior to discharging to drain (x4 faster than alternatives)
  • Completely contactless - eliminates contact with the machine reducing risk of cross-infection
  • Integrated deodoriser – minimized residual odours and helps reduce the risk of cross-infection
  • Modern aesthetic design – easy to clean with large smooth surfaces and minimal grooves
  • Slimline design – unique elliptical drum saves space in crowded sluice/dirty utility rooms
  • User-friendly lid – wide opening and deep drum allows easier disposal and minimizes risk of spillage and splash-back
  • Water efficient - processes four pulp items using only 18.5 litres of water, with cycle time of under 3 minutes. Multiple cycle options available.
  • Quiet operation - the quietest full-size macerator on the market (62.6dB)
  • Start lock control - cycle will only start once the lid is securely locked.

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