Vernacare Vortex Air Each

Vernacare Vortex Air Each

Code: 11000410

Supplier Part: 2070ZA001

Unit: EA

The Vernacare Vortex Air is developed with a sophisticated design incorporating essential components such as a deodoriser pump and capacitive sensors for accurate measurement. Its inflatable lid seal prevents the release of harmful pathogens, while smart sensors ensure precise diagnostics. A user-friendly display provides real-time updates, and its water-efficient system conserves resources. Additionally, it offers versatility with multiple language options and operates quietly for minimal disruption.

Features and Benefits

Equipped with advanced diagnostics, the Vortex Air Macerator ensures uninterrupted operation by safeguarding against overloading, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Its sustainable design promotes environmental stewardship, saving significant water consumption annually. Enhanced with antimicrobial technology, it effectively combats Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs), while offering versatile cycle modes for optimal performance, also endorsed by the World Health Organisation.


  • Brand: Vernacare
  • Product: Vernacare Vortex Air Infection Prevent Macerator (VORTEXAIR)
  • Weight: 76KG
  • Outside dimensions: 427 x 628 x 1027mm
  • Feature: both 230V and 110V
  • Water Inlet Connection: ½” BSP (male)
  • Drain Outlet: 2’’ P-Trap Provided
  • Electrical Connection: 1.5m flex cable provided
  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Image is a sample of product

WARNING- Always read the label and follow the directions for use


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