HALYARD* Pillowcase, Blue, 50 x73 cm

HALYARD* Pillowcase, Blue, 50 x73 cm

Code: 10001768

Old Code: 35910200

Supplier Part: 67803

Unit: CAR 200

The old code for this product is: 35910200
  •  3-layer, single-use disposable linen
  • Meets NFPA Class I Flammability standard
  • 50 x 73cm

Soiled hospital bed sheets may constitute one of the largest concentrations of microbial contamination in the hospital environment. When you choose single-use, disposable patient linens, you help fight healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by limiting the possibility of cross-contamination.

Halyard Health's line of single-use, disposable patient linens is a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to reusable linens, with their ongoing laundry expenses and high replacement costs. Our disposable patient linens are especially convenient for areas with high turnover, where beds need to be prepared quickly and often

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