Plastic Storage Bin 3Z Blue

Plastic Storage Bin 3Z Blue

Code: 10002447

Old Code: 29355293

Supplier Part: SBIN3ZB

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 29355293

Size 3z 350mm deep x 210mm wide x 150mm high

The size 3z bins are ideal for larger products.

They can also be divided to increase their flexibility.

The size 3z is available in five colours to simplify storage coding, sorting and Identification (blue, red, green, yellow or grey)

The size 3z bin fits the tr3/950 (4 per tray) or tr3/630( 3 per tray) trays or any sized louvred panel or bin holder.

The following quantities fit on to louvred panels:

LP1 Louvred Panel (300w x 600h) = 3 bins
LP2 Louvred Panel (450w x 600h) = 6 bins
LP3 Louvred Panel (600w x 600h) = 9 bins
LP4 Louvred Panel (450w x 900h) = 10 bins
LP5 Louvred Panel (600w x 1200h) = 18 bins

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