Plastic Storage Bin 4 Blue

Plastic Storage Bin 4 Blue

Code: 10002445

Old Code: 29355291

Supplier Part: SBIN4B

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 29355291

Size 4 230mm deep x 150mm wide x 125mm high

The size 4 bins are ideal for medical dressings.  They can also be divided to increase their flexibility.  The size 4 is available in five colours to simplify storage coding, sorting and Identification (blue, red, green, yellow or grey).  The size 4 bin fits the tr4/950 (6 per tray) or tr4/630( 4 per tray) trays or any sized louvred panel or bin holder.

The following quantities fit on to louvred panels:

  • LP1 Louvred Panel (300w x 600h) = 8 bins
  • LP2 Louvred Panel (450w x 600h) = 12 bins
  • LP3 Louvred Panel (600w x 600h) = 16 bins
  • LP4 Louvred Panel (450w x 900h) = 18 bins
  • LP5 Louvred Panel (600w x 1200h) = 32 bins
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