Ansell Gammex Latex Underglove 6.5

Ansell Gammex Latex Underglove 6.5

Code: 35004502

Supplier Part: 330050065

Unit: Bx 50

Bulk Unit: 4 per Case

Technology combines the protection of an underglove with the skin benefits of a moisturiser that combats the drying effect of surgical scrubbing. GAMMEX® Latex Underglove cares for your skin whilst providing double gloving protection. GAMMEX® Latex Underglove’s low friction outer surface enables the top glove to glide on effortlessly.

Special features

  • Low friction outer glove surface for effortless double donning.
  • HydraSoft™ Technology skin moisturiser, with Glycerine and Dimethicone soothes and rehydrates dry skin, thus maintaining hand health.
  • Powder-free latex providing a decrease in healthcare personnel sickness and post-operative complications, therefore more cost effective.*
  • DermaShield® Coating (animal-free) polymer lining with hydrophilic and hydrophobic elements facilitates damp donning and intra-operative changes.
  • Excellent moisture control which maintains glove shape, fit and feel and reduces risk of electro surgical shock.
  • P.E.A.R.L. (Protein and Endogenous Allergen Reduction Leaching) wash technology delivers low levels of residual proteins and chemicals, reducing the risk of latex and chemical sensitisation.


  • Size: 6.5 
  • Image is sample of product.

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