Ansell Gammex Non-Latex Sensitive 8

Ansell Gammex Non-Latex Sensitive 8

Code: 10001738

Old Code: 35004553

Supplier Part: 340007080

Unit: BOX 50

The old code for this product is: 35004553

The precedent-setting GAMMEX® Non-Latex Sensitive glove has the natural fit and comfort you love in GAMMEX® gloves, so you can focus exclusively on your performance and not your skin sensitivities.

Key features:

  • A major innovation in non-latex, accelerator-free glove formulation, SENSOPRENE®, allows for superior sensitivity while maintaining glove strength.
  • The accelerator-free formulation ensures comprehensive protection for healthcare workers with chemical allergies to accelerators.
  • GAMMEX® design and manufacturing guarantee the desirable fit, donning properties, and grip you expect.
  • Has the soft cream color you want in a surgical glove.

The GAMMEX® Non-Latex Sensitive protects healthcare workers and patients against additional causes of skin reactions with features such as:

  • Casein-free formulation – to minimise reactions to animal proteins.
  • CPC-free polymer coating – eliminates irritation caused by cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC).

The GAMMEX® Non-Latex Sensitive glove also delivers the proven protection and quality you expect in all GAMMEX® gloves:

  • Meets or exceeds international standards.
  • Delivers strong resistance to viral permeation, verified by extensive bacteriophage test results.
  • Provides high resistance to alcohol-based hand disinfectants.

Advantages of the SENSOPRENE® glove formulation

SENSOPRENE® is a new formulation, designed for the ultimate sensitivity and comfort. Free of natural rubber latex and chemical accelerators, it reduces the risk of both latex and chemical allergies while also maintaining glove strength.

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