Vernacare Bedpan Liners (New)

Vernacare Bedpan Liners (New)

Code: 22441037

Supplier Part: 121AA075

Unit: Ct 75

Vernacare Bedpan Liners (New) are ideal for general toileting of patients and can be used either in bed or in a commode chair. 
The Bedpan liner upon use, can be removed by a healthcare worker and safely flushed away in a Vernacare disposal unit.
Environmental benefits : Lowering environmental impact - Vernacare's single use system uses less energy and water than re-usable systems to dispose of biodegradable medical pulp products, using the market-leading Vortex pulp disposal unit.
Nurse Time Benefits : Increasing productivity and convenience – Vernacare's single use system helps to improve working conditions, increase patient dignity and save nurse time, releasing more time to care for patients
Financial Benefits : Reduced running costs –Vernacare's single use system can cost significantly less to purchase, operate and maintain than alternative re-usable systems. Further financial benefits are provided through the savings in nursing time and reduction of costly HCAIs.
Infection Prevention Benefits : Raising infection control standards – Vernacare's single use system removes concerns over the effectiveness of thermal washer disinfectors and helps to break the chain of infection


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