Tuffie Detergent Wipes Tub 225

Tuffie Detergent Wipes Tub 225

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Please be aware due to significant high demand for this product there may be limited availability.

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Tuffie Detergent Wipes are multi-surface, chlorine and alcohol-free wipes, specially formulated to remove dirt from hard surfaces and equipment including beds.
Features and Benefits:
Active odour control: Now with Active odour control to attack and destroy bad smells. It is effective against vomit, faeces and urine.
Outstanding performance and choice: Improved cleaning, with non-streak formula and a faster drying time. Tuffie Detergent Wipes are packaged in standard 225-wipe buckets, 100-wipe flow wrap packs and 150-wipe flexible canisters and dispenser refill packs.
Environmentally-friendly flexible packaging: The Tuffie flexible packing comes with a unique single-wipe dispenser which prevents over usage, whilst it’s easy to close lid ensures wipes do not dry out. The flexible packaging saves space and reduces waste, is lightweight and easy to transport.

The various presentations of the product means there is a solution for all your cleaning needs.

  • Alcohol free
  • Can be used for cleaning equipment between patients
  • Low foaming surfactant eliminates need for a drying cloth
  • Lift soiling without leaving residue
  • More convenient and hygienic than bowls of soap and water
  • Can be more cost effective than reusable cloths
  • Ideal for removing dirt, grease and organic matter from lockers,
    mattresses, bed tables, beds and commodes
  • Neutral detergent is not harmful to skin
  • Will not damage surfaces - can be used on anything where detergent is normally used
  • Prevent wastage of detergent and ensure correct concentrations are always used
  • Do not dry like alcohol wipes
  • Packaged in handy size resealable 100 wipe flat pack, 100 canister or tub of 225 wipes
  • Bracket available for wall mounting tubs
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