Viraclean Hospital Grade Disinfectant 500mls

Viraclean Hospital Grade Disinfectant 500mls

Code: 28350222

Supplier Part: CLN139/210574

Unit: EA

VIRACLEAN passes TGA Option B and kills a broad range of other bacteria including Enterococcus Faecalis (VRE), Acetobacter and Acinetobacter and is also proven effective against Hepatitis B Virus, Herpes Simplex Virus and the Influenza Virus.

Properties of Viraclean:

is non flammable.
is suitable for use on healthcare surfaces.
does not contain phenolics, chlorine or glutaraldehyde.
will not cause staining on fabrics or carpets.
has a natural pH.
is friendly to metals (non corrosive).
is fully biodegradable.
has been proven to kill the Hepatitis B Virus in 10 minutes.
can be diluted 1 in 10 to use a neutral detergent solution for damp dusting and streak free cleaning of all surfaces, or used neat as a hospital grade disinfectant.




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