Halyard XL Femoral Angio Drape, Sterile

Halyard XL Femoral Angio Drape, Sterile

Code: 35932008

Supplier Part: 89711

Unit: CAR 16

As a recognized leader in the development of high-performance medical fabrics, Halyard Health holds over 650 patents for advanced nonwovens materials. Like all of our drapes, our newest additions provide the critical balance of properties your demanding work requires.

Features & Benefits: 

  • CONTROL* Plus Reinforcement Fabric provides the highest rating for flame resistance and resistance to laser ignition 
  • Low lint and abrasion resistant fabric 
  • Fabric resistant to tearing and strikethrough 
  • Surgical Drapes with CONTROL* Plus Reinforcement Fabric meet AAMI level 4 liquid barrier performance test requirements 


  • Size: Extra long 
  • CONTROL* Plus Fabric Reinforcement: Yes 
  • Drape Type: Femoral 
  • Drape Dimensions: 87 x 135 in. 
  • Sterile: Yes 
  • Procedures: Angiography, femoral access 
  • Fenestration Type: Two 3.5 in. adhesive circular 
  • Window Fenestration Dimensions: Two 27 .X 135 in. 
  • Clear Poly Panel(s): Yes two sides 
  • UOM: Ctn/16 
  • Image is sample of product  
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