Halyard Large Split Drape, Sterile

Halyard Large Split Drape, Sterile

Code: 35935286

Supplier Part: 89333

Unit: CAR 34

Halyard Large Split Drape Sterile - Ctn/34

For the full range of orthopaedic procedures, we`ve got you covered. Halyard Health Orthopaedic drapes offer a minimum combination of features to meet the rigorous demands of orthopaedic surgery, from hand procedures to hip replacements. Halyard Health drapes are designed to give you and your patients one less worry.


  • The maximum rating for flame resistance
  • Fabric resistant to tearing, strikethrough and abrasion 
  •  Provides secure attachment of line and tubes 
  • Much Lower lint than other drapes, to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission


  • Drape Dimensions(in): 60 x 81  
  • Sterile: Yes 
  • Split: 4.5 X 31 in. 
  • Name: Orthopaedic ancillary drapes 
  • Category: Orthopaedic 
  • Procedures: Orthopaedic, universal/prep 
  • Drape Type: Poly split U drape 
  • Fabric / Material: Poly film 
  • Impervious Poly Film: Yes 
  • Drape Dimensions: 60 x 70 in. 
  • Sterile: Yes 
  • Split: 4 X 21 in. 
  • UOM: Ctn/34
  • Image is sample of product
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