Halyard Pacemaker Drape Sterile-Ctn/11

Halyard Pacemaker Drape Sterile-Ctn/11

Code: 35935311

Supplier Part: 89368

Unit: Ct 11

Halyard Pacemaker Drape Sterile-Ctn/11

For pacemaker and defibrillation insertion procedures, we’ve got you covered.

The Halyard Health Pacemaker Drape is designed specifically to meet your needs during pacemaker and defibrillation insertion procedures performed in the Electrophysiology Lab (E.P. Lab) or in the Operating Room. The Pacemaker Drape’s extended length -- 135 inches, top to bottom -- makes it ideal for the longer tables used in the E.P. Lab. It has bilateral fenestrations with clear adhesive, to allow the surgical team maximum visibility of the incision site.

And because the patient is often awake during these procedures, our pacemaker drape has a breather bar that keeps the anesthesia screen off the patient’s face for extra comfort. The drape also has two pockets for fluid collection and/or instrument storage.

Halyard Health drapes are developed to give you and your patients one less worry and include the following features:

  • Maximum flame resistance rating for use around lasers and other electrical instruments
  • Fabric that’s resistant to tearing, strikethrough and abrasion
  • Low-lint and abrasion-resistant fabric reinforcement to help reduce the risk of wound contamination and related post-operative complications
  • Adjustable breather bar


  • Measurement: 87 in. x 135 in.
  • Two bilateral fenestrations: 6 in. x 8 in. with clear incise
  • Bilateral pockets
  • Adjustable breather bar
  • CONTROL* Plus Fabric Reinforcement: Yes
  • Clear side windows
  • Incise Type: Clear
  • Sterile: Yes
  • Image is sample of product
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