Halyard Utility Drape w/Tape, Sterile, Pk2

Halyard Utility Drape w/Tape, Sterile, Pk2

Code: 35935440

Supplier Part: 89731

Unit: CAR 200

Halyard Utility Drape With Tape, Pack of 2 - Ctn/200

For the broadest range of surgical procedures, we`ve got you covered. Whatever the surgery, Halyard Health has the Universal/Multiprocedural packs and drapes you need, from half to U-shaped, to bar drapes. Halyard Health drapes are designed to give you and your patients one less worry.


  1. Maximum Rating for flame resistance
  2. Low-lint generation to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission
  3. Fabric reinforcement to control fluid run-off
  4. Convenient tube management systems


  • Measurement: 25 in. x 15 in
  • Fabric: SMS
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