Halyard Beach Chair Shoulder Drape - Ctn/6

Halyard Beach Chair Shoulder Drape - Ctn/6

Code: 35932023

Supplier Part: 89066

Unit: Ct 6

The Halyard beach chair shoulder drape with attachable fluid collection pouch 172" x 100", sterile offers optimum protection and safety for a full range of orthopedic procedures. From hand procedures to hip replacements, this beach chair shoulder drape has a number of features that provide durability, protection, and safety. Made with heavy-duty fabric, these drapes may eliminate the need for costly drape layering. Designed for safety and convenience, they also feature CONTROL* Plus Fabric Reinforcement for fluid management. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • The attachable fluid collection pouch has a suction port which measures 35” x 43” 
  • Pouch attachment zones and hook and loop tube and line control for convenience 
  • The drape is made of heavy duty fabric which may eliminate the need for drape layering, which can be costly 
  • Fabric is resistant to tearing, strikethrough, and abrasion, while providing secure attachment of lines and tubes 
  • Has CONTROL plus fabric reinforcement for effective fluid management 
  • Resistant to tearing, strikethroughs and abrasions 
  • Lower lint compared to other drapes 
  • Has the maximum rating for flame resistance, making it safe for use around lasers and other electrical instruments 
  • Has lower lint generation compared to other drapes, which reduces the risk of airborne bacterial transmission 
  • Includes armboard covers for additional coverage 
  • Securely attaches to lines and tubes 


  • Size: 172" x 100" 
  • CONTROL* Plus Fabric Reinforcement: Yes 
  • Drape Type: Shoulder arthroscopy 
  • Sterile: Yes 
  • Fluid Collection Pouch System: Attachable fluid collection pouch, with suction port and pouch attachment zones 
  • Line Control System: Hook and loop tube holders 
  • Fabric Weight: Standard 
  • UOM: Ctn/6 
  • Image is sample of product  
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