BD IV Twin Pack Dual Cannula

BD IV Twin Pack Dual Cannula

Code: 21120074

Supplier Part: 303390

Unit: Bx100

Bulk Unit: 10 per Ctn

BD Twinpak™ dual cannula device, consisting of a 20 G steel cannula fill needle and 17 G blunt plastic cannula. (100/sp, 1000/ca)

The BD Twinpak™ is a truly universal device that simplifies needleless IV access. It offers twice the performance of traditional methods. The Twinpak features two cannulas in one shield: one red hub steel cannula for syringe filling and one clear blunt plastic cannula for safe access into a split septum. The BD Twinpak helps to streamline IV workflow practices by reducing the number of components required to perform IV push and flush protocols, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

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