Chlorhex Alcohol Swab Wipe For IV 6cmx6cm

Chlorhex Alcohol Swab Wipe For IV 6cmx6cm

Code: 29355369

Supplier Part: MEF025/RHS401

Unit: Bx200

Bulk Unit: 25 per Case

Chlorhexidine is a chemical antiseptic and is also bacteriostatic so it kills both gram-positive and gram-negative microbes. Chlorhexidine has been proven to:

• Increase biocidal activity for both bacteria and fungi
• Broadens the spectrum of activity
• Becomes more effective against a wider range of organisms
• Reynard Prep Pads are larger than most common swabs which makes it easier for topical cleansing prior to injection.
Individually sealed in sachets, two easy-tear sachets.
Each pad is impregnated with an alcohol and chlorhexidine solution and CE marked
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