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Influenza Needle Distribution

Influenza Vaccine Needles for all your vaccination flu needle requirements

EBOS Healthcare is working with Seqirus™ to provide BD needles for the Influenza vaccination programme in 2021. This year the Influenza Vaccine will be produced without needles, customers will be required to purchase these separately.

There are three vaccines available – FLUAD® QUAD for patients 65+, Afluria® Quad Junior for children 6-35 months, and Afluria® Quad for all other groups.  Both the FLUAD® QUAD and Afluria® Quad will require you to purchase needles for the delivery of the vaccine. *Please note that Afluria® Quad Junior for children 6-35 months comes with a needle.

The Influenza Vaccine season is anticipated to start after Easter around April 14th 2021 and is anticipated to run till the 30th June 2021. Customers will have the ability to purchase needles from EBOS Healthcare from the 15th March 2021.


There will be two needles available, CLICK on the code below to place your order:





Needle Vaccine



excluding GST


24 gauge x 1”


Box 100

FLUAD® QUAD – over 65s




25 gauge x 5/8


Box 100

Afluria® Quad


** Although the needles have been brought into New Zealand to ensure we have adequate supply for the 2021 flu season, Vaccinators are free to use other needles according to their clinical judgement and patient requirements.

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Influenza Needle Options