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Why Tork?

We understand your business

We look at hygiene from your point of view, to understand the specific demands of different sectors and businesses.

We improve efficiency

Our dispensers and refills are designed to work together to maximise performance to reduce usage, waste and servicing.

We deliver a better experience

Customers and staff appreciate it when you make an effort.  Fully co-ordinated, design-award-winning Tork dispensers enhance your decor and impress visitors.

We're lowering our impact

Manufacturing in Kawerau using geothermal steam has reduced our carbon emissions, helps support our local community and reduces our impact and yours.


Tork Products

Tork Mini Centerfeed Dispenser M1

Tork Wiping Paper Plus

Tork Centerfeed Dispenser M2

Tork Wiping Paper Plus

Tork Dispenser Small Pack W8

Tork Cleaning Cloth Small